Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the beginning, GOD created...

Any and every thing i've created and will ever create have come from GOD, for He is the Source from which i draw upon for inspiration and encouragement. Even the skill and ability to express these images are from Him. The Holy SPIRIT is the real force behind the work, i'm just doing the footwork.

GOD is the Artist of my life...i am but the brush with which He paints the multi-colored, multi-patterned tapestry that i am. Glory and honor, praise and hallelujahs to GOD, my Master Craftsman, my FATHER.

Today, i live for CHRIST. All i do, i do for Him, for He is my Redeemer. He redeemed me from a meaningless life of destruction and imparted to me all that He is. i am indeed nothing without Him...i would still be a walking dead were it not for His life that now lives in me. i owe all to JESUS...He laid down His life for me and now calls me friend. How can i not respond with utter gratefulness and indescribable joy?

So i paint with the thought of making JESUS smile. It doesn't matter how long a piece of art takes, how many hours i labor to make it complete. It doesn't matter if i am underpaid for the work, or if the recipient doesn't understand or appreciate that s/he is getting an original one-of-a-kind and not a machine-made print. i paint to please my FATHER and that i may sow a seed for the Good News through which the Holy SPIRIT may cause to bear fruit.

i paint so that i don't bury the talent my FATHER gave me. i want JESUS to say, "Well done, rLn!"

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