Sunday, February 28, 2010

i Love JESUS, The Rock -- Creation PROCESS

The project was to create a tshirt for The ROCK Church, yet in a design that is not The-ROCK-Church specific...a tshirt that i can wear myself, anywhere, anytime -- and not necessarily to show that i am a member of that church.

i don't usually do a preliminary drawing for an rln's OFF-the-WALL Wearable Art, but the design i had in mind was of the Cross of JESUS, which required straight lines and equally spaced lettering.

As i painted, i had Pastor Charles Stanley via the 'net...i listened to his message on Brokenness three or four times -- i am such a slow takes many lessons for me to get it whether from hearing sermons or lessons in real life!

Because i had to stay within the confines of the design, especially the straight lines, it was painstakingly slow! i listened to many of Zola Levitt lectures as i continued this work...

YaaaYY!!! That part is for the fun stuff...

The fun stuff is when i can just doodle shapes into place...just letting the parts of the puzzle fall into place... and more Zola Levitt lectures (he teaches about CHRIST JESUS from a Jewish perspective -- how enlightening it is to learn more about our Beloved LORD from His own kinsman).

The reaLLY fun stuff is when i do flowers... i'm not into making them too life-like... i can do that "shortcut" with photography...

Flowers...leaves...the process is processing hour at a time...a petal at a time, a leaf at a time.

Then to Blue Letter Bible website to find the verse befitting "the Rock." Many verses contained the two words, but Psalm 18:2 and 46 were best for this project.

The tshirt was i thought. i put it on a hanger...looked at it with fresh eyes -- reflected from a mirror. Hmmm, it could use the finishing, there, everywhere!

After much Pastor Stanley and Zola Levitt on the 'net (at least 10 hours of 30- to 45-minute sermons each), another two hours of finishing touches, ironing, photographing...

Voila -- finito...rauta...tapos!

i didn't know where this shirt was going, how it was going to turn out. i had an intention on the basic direction, then went along with it. Along the way, it got beautified.

My life today is like this process of creating a tshirt. i know my life direction -- that of becoming more and more a fully devoted follower of CHRIST JESUS... of getting out of the Holy SPIRIT's way (through daily surrender and obedience to His voice) so that He can form and shape me according to my heavenly Father's purpose of making me more and more CHRISTlike... of being used up for GOD's glory... of being that child of GOD my Father has ALLways intended me to be... of making a difference in someone's life... of pleasing my LORD in this lifetime so that i may hear Him say, "Well done, rln, good and faithful servant!" (Matthew 25:23)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, "Hort Log" -- i'm liking your plant shots too. i try my hand at it, doing the vegetables and flowers in my Mom's backyard...BUT nothing compares to YOUR utterly gorgeous exotic plants!