Sunday, February 7, 2010

Names of Our AMAZING GOD

In the Holy Scriptures, the Torah, GOD's names describe His character. El Shaddai is ALMIGHTY. Elohim is GOD's power and might...GOD is our Almighty Father.

The Faithful GOD...El Hanne'eman. The True GOD...El Emmet. LORD, GOD, Master, King...

He is the Amen, the Alpha, the Omega...He is Teacher (Adonai), Friend...

He is the Good Shepherd (Jehovah Rohi), the Rock, the Father... Savior, Creator... the Way, Truth and Life... Love, Joy.

He is JESUS CHRIST, Redeemer Crucified.

GOD, our Father in Heaven, is indescribable -- He is astronomically, inconceivably, unfathomably infinite! He is awesomely utterly AMAZING!

GOD, in CHRIST JESUS, is AMAZING. Who but the amazing Creator of the heavens and earth would provide the means of Redemption from sin by becoming flesh and dying in our place as the atoning sacrificial Lamb of GOD?

Who but CHRIST JESUS would drink the bitter cup of GOD's wrath and suffer not only the excruciating torture of crucifixion on the Cross, but the unfathomable, indescribable agony of separation when the Father had to turn His back on CHRIST. For GOD can NOT look upon sin, and JESUS was made sin when He took upon Himself ALL the sins of mankind -- past, present, future -- so that you and i may be free from GOD's condemnation and eternal hell.

You and i were made free, by the shed blood of JESUS, the CHRIST, the Messiah. All one has to do to be saved from GOD's Day of Judgment is to receive His gift of salvation -- the CHRIST, JESUS Himself -- as Savior and LORD.

CHRIST JESUS is GOD's amazing grace!

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